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Indlu's Our Town initiative is designed to give something back to the hugely important schools, charities and clubs which operate throughout our local Manchester area. Given the challenges of the current pandemic, these groups, which are lifelines for many, need our support more than ever.

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Local communities are at the very heart of estate agency. If you think about it, they're at the centre of many things in our day to day lives. From your children’s primary school, to the local football or swimming club, they're integral to how we live our lives on a daily basis.

As with so many things, we can often take them for granted, and only realise how much we miss them when they've gone. In today's more challenging economic climate, these local schools, clubs and organisations are facing unprecedented challenges to provide the services that we so much enjoy. 

Indlu's Our Town initiative is designed to give something back to the hugely important schools, charities, organisations and sports clubs which operate throughout our local Manchester area.

How It Works

Since launch, Indlu has offered existing clients a referral fee of £150.00 if they refer a friend or colleague who go on to sell their property through us. However, in the current economic climate, and given the challenges facing a huge number of local organisations, charities and sports clubs, we realised this money could be put to better use. As a result, we decided to launch 'Our Town.

Through the 'Our Town' initiative, Indlu Estate Agents work with a growing number of local organisations, sports clubs and charities who we donate to upon each successful sale of a property. However, rather than us decide which local organisation to donate to, this is decided by you, when you sell your property. This may be the school where your children attend, the local junior football team, or even a homeless charity for the city centre. The key is the choice is yours, you decide.

We also offer vendors the opportunity to take a discount on our sales fees alongside the donation. This way you benefit from a lower cost when selling your house, and your chosen charity still receives a generous donation paid directly from Indlu!

Sell Your Property with Indlu

Are you thinking of selling your home? Not only can you contribute towards a local organisation close to your heart but as part of our service we ensure your property is listed on all major property portals, you receive professional photographs of your home and you can sell for a fixed fee of just £1,295 + VAT.

Feel free to contact us directly on Tel: 0161 537 2727 or Email: enquiries@indlu.co.uk, you can also fill in our form on our contact page.

Our Current Partners Include:


You can split the £150.00 with your designated beneficiary. You would receive a discount of £75.00 on your fee, and your designated beneficiary would receive a fixed donation of £75.00 directly from Indlu. You save £75.00, and your designated beneficiary gets a donation!


Indlu will donate £150.00 to the designated charity, sports team or organisation of your choice. This will be paid in full on successful completion of the sale of your property.

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